What happened 30 years ago in water, reappearance of 120 years old mosque, how did the miracle occur?

Patna : A mosque has miraculously come out of water after thirty years in Bihar’s Nawad. This mosque, which has been below water for 3 many years, has not sustained any injury. Despite being below water for a number of years, the mosque is totally protected. People are expressing their shock after the rediscovery of the Underwater Mosque, which had been submerged for 3 many years. This mosque is close to Chandoli village.

According to the info acquired, this mosque is 120 years old (Bihar 120 Years Old Mosque). 30 years ago, this mosque was fully submerged below water. Phulwariya Dam was constructed in 1984. Before that, a big Muslim group lived in this place. This dam was constructed after land was acquired by the authorities. The folks residing right here had been shifted to different close by villages, however the mosque remained at the similar place. When the water in the dam decreased, the dome of the mosque may solely be seen earlier resulting from the lower in water. Now the water in the dam may be very low, this mosque is totally seen. Mosque remained underwater for thirty years.

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After the building of Phulwariya dam, this mosque was submerged below water. But this 12 months the water in the dam dried up resulting from much less rain. The mosque instantly appeared after many years as a result of there was no water. For the first time after 30 years, the water right here has fully dried up. As the 120-year-old mosque has come up once more after the water has dried up, there is just one dialogue about it amongst the folks.

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The surrounding villagers have mentioned that the identify of this mosque is Noori Masjid (Noori Masjid in Bihar). According to him, after the building of Phulwariya Dam in 1985, this mosque went below water. Many of the new era haven’t any information about this mosque. Apart from that, the locals say that many individuals forgot about the mosque because it went below water for a lot of years. Even earlier than this, the water in the dam was receding, however at the moment solely a component of the dome of Mishidi was seen. Many folks had been shocked to see the dome seen after the water receded. The top of this mosque is about 30 ft.

The information that the submerged mosque instantly appeared in the space unfold like wind. Many individuals are gathering right here to see this mosque. Not solely the Muslim group, however folks from different communities are additionally coming to see the mosque that has instantly come out.

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