Shraddha’s number while taking the fridge, then kept her pieces in it; What really happened in Aftab’s head?

New Delhi: Delhi Police is totally investigating the Shraddha Walker homicide case in Delhi. Day by day new data is being revealed in this matter. Currently, Delhi Police has launched one other stunning data in this case. Aftab Amin Poonawala went to purchase a fridge in the subsequent 12 hours after Shraddha was strangled to demise on May 18, Delhi Police stated. The accused purchased a 300 liter fridge and wrote Shraddha’s cell number on his invoice. At that point, Shraddha’s cell phone was solely with Aftab. An worker working in an digital showroom has additionally confirmed this.

According to the police, Aftab Poonawala strangled Shraddha to demise on the evening of May 18. After this he stayed with her lifeless physique in her personal room for the entire evening. After committing the crime, he drank beer, ordered meals from Zomato and ate it. Then watched a film on Netflix until late evening. After waking up the subsequent morning, he considered disposing of Shraddha’s lifeless physique.

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Accordingly, he first went to the market, the place he bought knives and different weapons for dismembering the physique. Aftab then purchased a fridge. According to the police, Aftab had written Shraddha’s cell number on the invoice while shopping for the fridge. The police have seized this invoice from the home of the accused.

The physique was minimize into 35 pieces and kept in the fridge

After coming back from the market, Aftab had his meal and then began disposing of the lifeless physique. For this he first dragged Shraddha’s physique from the room and introduced it to the kitchen. the place he tried to chop the physique. However, as there was much less house in the kitchen, he once more dragged the physique to the rest room. Where he minimize the lifeless physique into 35 pieces and then washed it correctly and wrapped it in polythene and kept it in the fridge.

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After three weeks, the pieces have been thrown into the forest as they started to stink

According to police officers investigating the case, accused Aftab kept these 35 pieces of Shraddha’s physique in the fridge for a minimum of three weeks. Every day he opened the fridge to see Shraddha’s face. However, in the meantime, these elements of the physique began to deteriorate. Aftab considered disposing of the organ when it started to odor dangerous.

After three weeks, the accused began carrying Shraddha’s physique pieces one after the other in a bag and going to the forest, the place he would throw the pieces in order that some wild animals would eat them. He disposed of them over the subsequent two months.

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