Shiv Sena’s loss due to putting Modi’s photo on the banner, MLAs reduced due to the photo; Nitin Deshmukh’s gang

Akola:Shiv Sena suffered an enormous loss as we speak due to putting Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s photo on the banner, Shiv Sena’s MLAs decreased in 2019 meeting elections, our power decreased, when Shiv Sena fought on its personal, Modi’s photo was not put on it, at the moment we had been in Maharashtra. Shiv Sena MLA Nitin Deshmukh has acknowledged that 63 MLAs had been elected. He was talking at a press convention in Akola.

Deshmukh stated that a couple of days in the past MP Bhavnatai Gawli had stated that this Maharashtra belongs to Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj and that is the Maharashtra of Balasaheb. Well completed, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has not stated that Maharashtra belongs to him.

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Speaking additional, Deshmukh stated, in the previous couple of days, Bhawantai stated that we’re loyal to Balasaheb, we bought elected by putting on the photo of Prime Minister Modi. Now principally in entrance of all the media, even the leaders of Bharatiya Janata Party usually allege that we bought elected on Modi’s photo. I bought elected in Maharashtra due to Modi, on your creativeness in the 2019 elections, Modi’s photo was put up on this Maharashtra solely due to the alliance. However, earlier than this, Modiji’s photo has not been utilized in any election in Maharashtra, when Shiv Sainiks put Modi’s photo in the alliance in Maharashtra in 2014 election. At that point our power of Shiv Sena was reduced. That is, due to the posting of Modiji’s photo, Shiv Sena’s MLAs decreased, Shiv Sena’s public opinion decreased.

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Shiv Sena contested the 2014 meeting on its personal. At that point, neither the Shiv Sainiks nor the candidates had put up any form of photo of Prime Minister Modi in Maharashtra. At that point 63 Shiv Sena MLAs had been elected in Maharashtra. And earlier than 2014, Modi had no relation with this Maharashtra, nor with this nation. He was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. And earlier than 2014, even the Bharatiya Janata Party used to not put Modi’s photo on this meeting when there was any election in Maharashtra, that’s, earlier than it. So I would love to let you know that Shiv Sena suffered so much due to putting Modi’s photo on the banner. At that point Shiv Sena’s MLAs decreased, our power decreased. In 2014 when Shiv Sena fought on its personal. Nitin Deshmukh stated that Modi’s photo was not put up then, at the moment we bought 63 MLAs elected in Maharashtra.

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