Rahul Gandhi’s phone call to Sanjay Raut from Bharat Jodo Yatra, what is humanity? Told from the tweet!

Mumbai : Congress’ Bharat Jodo Yatra ended its journey in Maharashtra yesterday. The Yatra, which began with a message of affection and concord, coated half of the journey. But earlier than bidding farewell to Maharashtra, Rahul Gandhi known as Shiv Sena’s militant chief MP Sanjay Raut and inquired about his well being. Asked about the pains in jail and confided that he was with him in the combat. Sanjay Raut tweeted about Rahul Gandhi’s phone dialog and reminded of humanity.

“Today’s politics is filled with bitterness. There is hatred, there is jealousy. In truth, politics was not like that in earlier instances. Everyone used to have associates in the get together. They used to cherish their affections. But in the present day it is not like that. In such a time, Rahul Gandhi known as me final evening. My Inquired about my well being. Expressed goodwill in the direction of my household. He felt unhappy that one in every of his colleagues in politics was framed in a false case and tortured for 110 days in jail. This is human nature, this moisture has run out of politics. It is seen from Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra”. So mentioned Sanjay Raut.

“When you had been in jail, we had been nervous about you. We had been nervous about your well being. We used to get your info from our different colleagues. Politics in the nation is not going very properly. Let’s enhance love, peace and concord, let’s protect democracy, let’s combat for it,” mentioned Rahul Gandhi to Sanjay Raut. Said to them.

After informing about Rahul Gandhi’s phone dialog, Raut evoked recollections of previous politics. He mentioned, “In earlier politics, there have been big-hearted folks. Every get together had its associates. There was brotherhood-love-affection. Even if there was opposition, there was no hatred. There was no bitterness. There had been variations however no discord. But this is lacking from in the present day’s politics. I How many individuals got here to my home once I was in jail, stood with my household? Today now we have previous comrades in each get together in the state, however how many individuals questioned me? Even although we had political variations, Gandhi household questioned me like Thackeray and Pawar, this moisture wants to enhance in politics. Raut mentioned.

“Rahul Gandhi’s Bharat Jodo Yatra has acquired an awesome response from throughout the nation and in Maharashtra for the final 14 days. He is going to join India with love. Shiv Sena additionally participated in his yatra, supported him. Rahul strives to regain the misplaced previous glory which is being misplaced in politics.” , Raut additionally mentioned.

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