Nanded News: Went to bid a last farewell to a relative, Swarga Rath overturned; 12 lives were saved

Nanded: The Swarga Ratha, which was getting back from a funeral in Sarsam village of Himayatnagar taluk of the district, met with an accident. The accident befell close to Darum Ulum, three kilometers from Himayatnagar metropolis. 12 folks were injured on this accident. Out of those, 5 folks have sustained severe accidents. The injured have been shifted to the federal government hospital in Nanded for additional therapy. (Major accident in Nanded)

As Parasram Kamble handed away at Sarasam in Himayatnagar taluka, his kin had gone for his last rites. A automotive known as Swarga Rath was organized for the funeral procession of Parasram Kamble. Kamble’s physique was stored in the identical Swarga Rath and brought to the crematorium. After the funeral, kin from Umarkhed taluka were coming to Himayatnagar in Swarga Ratha. Meanwhile, Swargarath bought into an accident as quickly because it reached Daru Ulum on the Bhokar to Himayatnagar National Highway. Eight senior ladies and 4 males who were touring within the Swargarath have been injured because the Swargarath overturned. All these injured sufferers were admitted to Himayatnagar Rural Hospital for therapy. Five of those severely injured sufferers have been shifted to the federal government hospital in Nanded for additional therapy.

Names of individuals injured within the accident are as follows:

Sunanda Dilip Kamble, Chatari Taluka Umarkhed (age 40)

Dilip Kamble Chatari Umarkhed,

Mirabai Pandurang Tulse Dhanora District Himayatnagar (age 55)

Puneratha Bharat Sugar Res. Ganjegaon Taluka Umarkhed (age 57)

Gangaram Sambhaji Kamble Kharus Umarkhed (age 75)

Sudam Balu Wathore Res. Kharus District Umarkhed (Age 65)

Pandurang Dutta Wathore Res. Siranjani Taluka Himayatnagar (age 67)

Vachlabai Pandurang Vathore Res. Siranjani T. Himayatnagar

Prayagbai Prahlad Tulse Res. Dhanora T. Himayatnagar (age 60)

(*12*) Digambar resident of Tulsa Dhanora Taluka Himayatnagar (age 62)

Saguna Madhukar Tulse Res. Dhanora (age 35)

Sangeetabai Uttam Tulse Res. Dhanora (age 46)

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