Disgruntled with not being given MLA, it is better not to speak on political employment guarantee labor activist: Sushma Andhare

Mumbai: “Chitra Vagh is upset about not being given an MLA seat. So, he talks unusually on the problem of comfort. It is not needed to speak about each subject of his. He will get offended from time to time. So it is better not to discuss concerning the labor activist of political employment guarantee. Shiv Sena deputy chief Andhare criticized BJP chief Chitra Wagh.

NCP MP Supriya Sule strongly opposed Sambhaji Bhide and criticized him when he spoke about planting tikli. So when the identical Supriya Sule says that girls journalists ought to put on sarees, why do not different ladies leaders from Maviya speak? Don’t you keep in mind particular person freedom now? Such a troublesome query was requested by BJP chief Chitra Wagh. While replying to it, Sushma Andhare made enjoyable of Chitra Wagh.

“Chitra Wagh thought that the BJP would give him an MLA seat if he sided with the BJP like this. But his prediction failed. He did not get any MLA seat. Therefore, he is within the pit of despair. After the BJP dropped his MLA seat, he continues to flourish in no matter method he needs. This is the identical. There are Chitra Vaghs who had been speaking about hitting Sanjay Rathod with footwear. But now they assume this case has stopped. But on the similar time, who ought to maintain you chargeable for the truth that you tried to convey disgrace to a poor woman of Gormati neighborhood? Andhare additionally requested Chitra Vagh. requested them.

“Chitra Vagh talks unusually. It is not to be taken critically. They speak solely as a result of they’re dedicated to BJP. Because these are the identical Chitra Vaghs who did not open their mouths within the Kathua, Hathras Unnao case. So there are activists who’re working as laborers for such political employment guarantee, I’m towards them. Don’t need to discuss a lot”, Andhare criticized Chitra Wagh.

What did Chitra Vagh say?

Will those that criticize ‘Tikli’ peel these leaders on ‘Sari’..? Chitra Wagh tried to level a finger on the media by tweeting that allow’s go your examination as soon as! He additionally requested why all those that criticized Sambhaji Bhide at the moment are not speaking about Supriya Sule’s assertion.

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