Both were known as, taken into seclusion; Finished with Faviquik; The mystery of the double murder was finally solved

Udaipur: Rajasthan Police has arrested a technician in Udaipur. The police claimed to have solved the mystery of the double murder case in Udaipur. The our bodies of the professor and his girlfriend were discovered bare in the forest of Kelabawadi below Gogunda police station on November 18. Both were married. They had extramarital affairs. The police was confronted with the problem of investigating the murder case in the forest and placing the accused in chains.

After the two our bodies were recovered from the forest, the police began investigation. The police checked the CCTVs at round 50 places. 200 folks were interrogated. After this, the police detained the technician Bhalesh Kumar. He was proven the police uniform. After this, Bhalesh confessed to the murder. For the previous 7 to eight years, Bhavesh Kumar used to remain at the wishful Sheshnag Bhavji temple in Bhadvi Guda and remedy folks’s issues. He used to make amulets for folks.
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Family members of deceased Sonu Kawar and Rahul Meena additionally used to go to the temple. Rahul and Sonu turned buddies whereas visiting the temple. Friendship later turned into love. Bhalesh Kumar had the concept of ​​extramarital relationship between the two. Rahul and his spouse began arguing. In order to finish the dispute, the spouse offered a pledge to Bhalesh. Then Bhalesh knowledgeable her about Rahul and Sonu’s relationship.

Rahul and Sonu get offended after informing his spouse about the extra-marital affair. He was offended with Bhalesh. Both threatened Bhalesh to defame you. Bhalesh feared that the picture he had constructed up over a few years amongst devotees could be tarnished if defamed. He plotted to kill each of them. For that he purchased about 50 packets of Fevikwik from the market.

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On the night of November 15, Bhalesh known as Rahul and Sonu. He took them to solitude. While the two were having bodily relations, Bhalesh moved away from there. He returned shortly. He threw fevikwik on each of them. There was no resistance from each of them as the eyes of each of them flashed. After this, Bhalesh threw a stone on each of their heads after which stabbed them with a knife.

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