Ambadas Danve: Displeasure of Shiv Sena MLAs in the meeting called by Ambadas Danve!, the reason is also exposed

Mumbai: Shiv Sena chief and Leader of Opposition in Vidhan Parishad Ambadas Danve called a meeting of get together MLAs in Vidhan Parishad on Tuesday earlier than the winter session to be held in Nagpur. In this meeting, he requested MLAs for questions and copies of consideration. But in the meeting, the Legislative Council MLAs instructed Ambadas Danve that the copy of their query was not prepared. Sources have knowledgeable that some MLAs have also refused to provide this copy. Earlier no Leader of the Opposition had called for copies of the Question and Notice. On the complete, it is stated that there is an awesome displeasure amongst the MLAs of the Shiv Sena (Uddhav Balasaheb Thackeray) get together’s Legislative Council in direction of the Leader of the Opposition Ambadas Danve.

The winter session of the state can be held in Nagpur from December 19. Earlier, Ambadas Danve, Leader of the Opposition in the Legislative Council, called a meeting of the MLAs in the Legislative Council yesterday. However, dependable sources have knowledgeable that MLAs are upset with Opposition chief Ambadas Danve in this meeting.

In this regard, our consultant contacted the involved MLAs of Shiv Sena in the Legislative Council. But nobody was prepared to talk publicly on the matter.

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MLA in Legislative Council

1) Sachin Ahir
2) Manisha Kayande
3) Neelam Gorhe – Legislative Council Deputy Speaker
4) Narendra Darade
5) Anil Parab
6) Aamshya Padavi
7) Vilas Potnis
8) Vipalav Bajoria
9) Sunil Shinde
10) Ambadas Danve- Leader of Opposition Legislative Council
11) Dushyant Chaturvedi

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MLAs have the proper to lift questions and factors of curiosity in the Legislative Council. This is the private proper of MLAs. But these questions of the MLAs or the eye-catching Ambadas Danve requested. Ambadas Danve stated, “Let us know what questions or factors of curiosity you’ll elevate.” An worker called all the MLAs and tried to get data from them. But Danve interfered with the authority of MLAs. MLAs are upset as a result of of this. Sources have given data that MLAs in Mumbai are significantly upset. After this, there was a meeting of MLAs in the Legislative Council. In this meeting, it is realized that some MLAs clearly refused to provide their questions and replica of Lakshvedi to Ambadas Danve.

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