After reaching the hostel, the nurse collapsed; A gruesome method was used to end life

Bhopal: A nurse dedicated suicide late on Saturday night time in a personal hospital in Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh. The police have been shocked to see the method used by the nurse for suicide. The nurse ended her life with an overdose of anesthesia.

The title of the nurse is Vishakha Kahar and he or she is 25 years previous. Visakha was initially a resident of Narmadapuram. She was working in a personal hospital in Bhopal. Visakha all of a sudden fell unconscious after reaching the hostel room on Saturday night time. Her roommate was there at the time. She discovered an injection close to Visakha’s hand. She additionally had an injection mark on her arm.
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Visakha was taken to the hospital from the hostel. The physician declared her lifeless there. After this, the incident was reported to the police. After preliminary investigation, the police knowledgeable that Vishakha dedicated suicide by taking an overdose of anesthesia. Police haven’t discovered any suicide be aware close to Visakha. Police are presently recording the statements of Visakha’s buddies, household, roommates and kin. The police are attempting to discover out what precisely was occurring in Visakha’s life, why she took the excessive determination.

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Vishakha had taken an injection on her left arm. The police discovered injection marks on the hand. Police discovered a bottle of anesthesia in the hostel room. She was detained by the police. Visakha’s cell phone has additionally been seized by the police and the work of unlocking it is happening. The publish mortem was performed on Sunday. The physique was then handed over to Visakha’s household.

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