A dead body of a 23-year-old girl was found in the river after being pulled over the bridge; The police have a different suspicion…

Buldana: The body of a 23-year-old girl was found in the Shirla Man river in Khamgaon taluka this morning. Arguments are being made about the homicide or suicide of this girl. At current, the police have reached the spot and the police investigation is occurring.

According to the data obtained, the dead body was found below the bridge close to the bus station. There is a crowd of Baghaichi in the space. Hiwarkhed police have reached the spot and the canine group has additionally been dropped at the spot. The body of an unidentified girl was found in Shirla Man Dam, about 18 km from Khamgaon. It was additionally seen that her gown fell on the bridge.

1 home, 4 corpses and 6 corpses; Trembling phenomenon; A stunning revelation in the police investigation
Maybe the unknown Isma killed her and threw her body in the water? Such suspicion is being expressed. Thanedar and group of police station have reached the place of incident. Considering the seriousness of the details about the incident, the police officer of the division, Amol Koli, has entered the spot, and as a result of the incident, there was a stir all over the place.

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